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How Hive works?

GENERIC_How Hive works

Our Happy Customers 

Our Promise 

Strong Culture

We can promise you a culture of teamwork and high-performance in just a couple of weeks 


100% Alignment

A robust alignment process that keeps every individual and unit rowing in the same direction. 

real time insights

Live Data

Hive will keep you updated on all activities to help protect you from all sudden internal blows. 

No biases

Zero Biases

Our Performance Model Guarantees zero biases and new levels of trust

save time

Saves Time

No more time wasted on performance appraisals and chasing people around. 

save Money

Saves Money

One platform enabling team alignment, communication & insights across all activities.

Change Assured

We ensure a 98% buy-in from the general population of the organization to the new norm.
AI - Support

AI Capability

Our AI model enhances project management with real-time speech-based performance updates.

What is Hive

A suite of tools at your disposal
All in one place 

Workload Analysis 

Forecast workforce requirements accurately and measure workload effectively to prevent employee burnout using Hive’s intelligent workload analysis tool.


Productivity Reports 

Gain insights into individual and team productivity to optimize performance and drive results at any given point in time. 

Intelligent Planning

Hive helps teams develop faster and more robust action plans through our AI tool, enabling the creation of SMART objectives, KPIs, and success criteria with just a push of a button!

WEB_PROJECT management

Project Management 

Utilize all project management tools, such as: 

  • AI Planning Tool,
  • Gantt Chart,
  • RACI Model &
  • Progress Reports.


Diaverum Onboarding Experience 
"The transformation brought about by Hive within our hotel's management has been remarkable. By enhancing internal communication and providing real-time insights, Hive has led to improved efficiency and elevated guest satisfaction. This, in turn, has saved us time and contributed to heightened profitability.
Embracing the Hive platform is undoubtedly a vital step for any hotel aspiring to operational excellence."
HIVE web-15
Amr Kellany
Steigenberger Hotel Manager
"Hive has revolutionized the way we operate as a consulting agency across multiple countries. By fostering enhanced communication and seamless coordination, Hive ensures perfect alignment with our strategic objectives. Managing various client projects concurrently has become significantly more efficient, leading to substantial time and cost savings. Hive's impact on our consulting endeavors is undeniable."
HIVE web-16
Joseph Mugo
"Hive has proven to be an invaluable asset for our edutech startup. It has significantly optimized our operations and streamlined our ideation process. The exceptional support provided by the 6Bees team has been instrumental in charting a clear strategic path forward. As an indispensable ally, Hive effectively bridges the gap between ideas and execution, making it an essential tool for any startup seeking strategic alignment and robust support."
HIVE web-17
Fady Barsoum
Founder of EduGo


What is Hive?
Hive is an AI-powered Strategy & Performance Management System that streamlines communication, fosters alignment, provides real-time insights and boosts productivity within organizations.
What are The System requirements?
Hive is a cloud-based platform, meaning you can access it from any device with an internet connection. There's no need for any specific system requirements or installations.
What size organizations can effectively use Hive?
Hive caters to the needs of small, medium, and large organizations with up to 10,000+ employees. 
How is Hive different from other strategy alignment tools?

Hive isn't just a technology; it's a methodology. It stands out from other strategy alignment tools as it's based on research, targeting strategy, and performance management. By leveraging technology, Hive automates these processes, delivering effective and streamlined solutions for organizations.

How user-friendly is Hive? Do we need any special training to use it?

Hive operates on a 'two-clicks rule', meaning you're never more than two clicks away from any feature. This makes it intuitive and easy to navigate. As for training, you won't need any special preparation to use Hive. A 60-minute orientation is all it takes to get you acquainted with the platform. This user-friendly design is one of the things that makes Hive stand out.

How long does it take to implement Hive in an organization?

Hive's implementation time largely depends on the readiness of your strategy. If your strategy is already defined, Hive can be up and running in your organization in just 48 hours. However, if you need assistance in shaping your strategy, our team can provide support, extending the implementation process to approximately 5 days.

Can Hive be customized to suit my organization's specific needs?

Yes, Hive is designed with flexibility in mind. It is lean and adaptable, capable of fitting various organizational approaches and specific needs. This ensures that Hive can provide effective strategy and performance management solutions tailored to your organization's unique circumstances.

What kind of support does Hive offer during and after the implementation process?

Hive offers comprehensive support both during and after the implementation process. As a cloud-based solution, we handle all system upgrades to ensure smooth operation. Moreover, we offer customer support seven days a week to promptly address any inquiries or issues you might encounter. Additionally, Hive provides training programs aimed at enhancing managers' skills in strategy and performance management, promoting continuous learning and improvement within your organization.