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Our story

Our story

Inspired by bees' unity, diligence, and purpose, we founded 6Bees to revolutionize how organizations approach strategy alignment, performance management, and technology. We believe in harnessing the true potential within organizations, just like a thriving hive working harmoniously together.

Join us in our journey as we transform the way businesses address complex challenges, and build a better future through the power of collaboration, innovation, and Hive."

Our values

At 6Bees, our core values shape our culture, guide our behavior, and define the character of our company. These values reflect who we are and what we stand for:

  1. Honest Communication: We thrive on trust fostered through clear and transparent dialogue within our team and with our clients.

  2. Collaborative Synergy: We celebrate the power of teamwork, valuing every member's contribution and the extraordinary results of our collective efforts.

  3. Empowering Humans: We prioritize crafting technologies that won't replace humans but empower them, cherishing human potential and nurturing it through our innovations.

  4. Simplicity in Innovation: We simplify complexities through intuitive and user-friendly innovations, enabling our clients to unlock their full potential.

  5. Mutual Prosperity: At the heart of all we do, we are committed to the principle of mutual growth. We believe that when we prosper, everyone associated with us - team members, shareholders, partners, and clients - should prosper as well. 



Meet the Team

Youssry Essmatt
CEO and Founder

Youssry is an entrepreneur, consultant & coach with 25 years of experience working with C-class leaders in government and private sectors, developing organizational performance and change management interventions. Youssry has worked for organizations such as Korn Ferry, Oxford Group, ILM and led complex performance & Strategy projects and leadership development. Youssry has an MBA in Change Management from Wolverhampton University, UK.

CTO and Co-Founder
With 20 years of experience creating software solutions through business development lenses, using several technologies, and across several platforms, Jack filled every position building information systems, from analyses and design to coding and consulting. Jack led several mega IT Projects for Dubai Public Prosecution, where he developed the entire internal prosecution system, web portal, and the Emirates National ID Solution that connects the public to the government database.
Nabil Senyonga

Nabil - During his 25+ years, he has held senior leadership positions in L&D with leading hospitality groups and has been consulting clients in diverse industries. Nabil has extensive experience in Leadership and Management Development as well as building effective teams. Nabil has worked for organizations such as Marriott, Hilton, and Emaar and as a consultant for STC, Abu Dhabi Executive Council, Alinma Bank, Total, and much more.

Veronia Adel
Web & Graphic designer
Huda Hussein
Front-end developer
Mohamed Mostafa
Senior Back-end developer
Fatma Ragab
Senior Front-end developer
Mahmoud Essam
Back-end developer
Kartik Chugh
Marketing Manager